Agreement between Cyberall Group and The Commerce chamber of Terrassa

The Commerce chamber of Terrassa & region, the manager of the institution head , Mr. Josep Prats and CEO of the company Dangel manage Salazar have agreed to lend their support to the company during phases Cyberall Group growth that the company responsible for the distribution of electrical and industrial material developed during the coming months.

This is the main point in common that they arrived after the meeting held at the headquarters of the Spanish firm , located in the Aureli Capmany street of Sant Cugat del Valles , just a few kilometers from the city of Barcelona.

The Chamber of Commerce i Terrassa region was established in 1886 , and was the first of Catalunya to do so, and the third in Spain . It is an entity that provides services for the purpose of providing information , advice i training to improve corporate governance and encourage the promotion of international expansion and promote the general interests of the companies. It also acts as a consultative body to the administration.

Furthermore Cyberall Group company , is subministrator of electrical(schneider electric usa) distribution equipment , industrial control, automation and electronics. Sell ​​both for the customer has ordered this inmendiatamente to restocking .