Schneider Electric, one of the most attractive company to work in Spain.

The winner of the randstad Awards for the second year was the company Schneider Electric, recognized as one of the top three companies in the industrial sector to work in Spain .
This event annually recognizes the most attractive companies in our country based on the study of the perceptions of 8,000 professionals , a representative sample in terms of gender , age, region and education. The study contends to students and to people with and without work between the ages of 18 and 65.


A study of more than 200,000 professionals in 23 countries , randstad did a ranking of the sectors and companies with the best perception for workers. Thanks to this analysis have been recognized the three more attractive companies in key economic sectors, such as leading exponents in the policies of employer branding and therefore better positioned to attract and retain workers in Spain , among them Schneider Electric.

Manuel Ángel Sánchez , Vice President Human Resources & Internal Communications Iberian Zone , was in charge of collecting the award on behalf of the company. » At Schneider Electric we are aware that people are one of our greatest assets. Our obligation from Human Resources to provide environments for our employees personal and professional growth , and provide scenarios to give the best of themselves. All this we do by encouraging diversity , professional development careers designing , facilitating reconciliation and never ceasing to work and innovate to make a better company Schneider Electric for its workers. Being now among the three most attractive industrial companies is a source of pride and satisfaction for the HR team , but especially for all those who are part of Schneider Electric , «said Miguel Angel Sanchez .

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